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Writing a book on ladies + bodies, to be published by Beacon Press. Nonfiction/poetry @TheAtlantic @Guardian @Smithsonianmag @PsychToday @RattleMag @BLReview. Co-creator @stopandfrisk project.

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Women Under Siege

How one (female) CIA operative would fix our wars

Nada Bakos isn’t allowed to share most of what she learned in the CIA. But after nearly 10 years of working with classified intelligence, she can point squarely to one unfortunate lesson: Rape is used globally as a tool of war, and the United States tends to ignore it.

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Women Under Siege

No, war doesn't have to mean rape

As bloody as war can be, armies can and do choose their weapons.

Girls in north korea article
Women Under Siege

The fine line between 'obedience' and rape in North Korea

When Shin Dong-hyuk was 10 years old, he watched his mother be raped by her boss.