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Michele Lent Hirsch

Essays, journalism, poetry

Writing a book on ladies + bodies, to be published by Beacon Press. Nonfiction/poetry @TheAtlantic @Guardian @Smithsonianmag @PsychToday @RattleMag @BLReview. Co-creator @stopandfrisk project.

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Smithsonian Magazine

How Bacteria Make This Underground, Awe-Inspiring Cave Shine Gold

What it's like to go caving among special bacteria that even NASA plans to study.

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Smithsonian Magazine

Why the Best Way to See Iceland Is by Horse | Smithsonian

Iceland’s landscapes can look post-apocalyptic: endless black volcanic sand, nothing else visible for miles but tall power lines. There are spots with lunar-like craters—then, suddenly, a wild covering of bright-green moss.

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Smithsonian Magazine

Two Eerie Medusa Heads Watch Over Turkey's Waters | Smithsonian

Why the Greek monster stares out from an ancient cistern in Istanbul

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Smithsonian Magazine

Where to Catch Tulip Mania | Smithsonian

Tulips can clone themselves. What have you done today?

Young douglas fir trees article
Smithsonian Magazine

How to Travel by Scent | Smithsonian

Humans can identify and remember 10,000 different smells. Why not be led by your nose?

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Smithsonian Magazine

Tour the World's First Nuclear Power Plant | Travel | Smithsonian

With nothing but tufts of sagebrush lining the road, it could be a normal drive through southwest Idaho. But as the car continues along the narrow strip, it enters a 900-square-mile federal testing site called the Idaho National Laboratory.

Green inside volcano article
Smithsonian Magazine

What's It Like to Take the First Photos of a New Volcanic Island?

Meet the man who's likely the first human to climb atop this newly-erupted landmass.

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Smithsonian Magazine

Best Places to See Nature After Dark | Travel | Smithsonian

Best Places to See Nature After Dark | Travel | Smi...

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Smithsonian Magazine

Inside the Atom Smasher at CERN | Smithsonian

What you can see on a visit to the world's largest particle collider, now that it's back in action

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Smithsonian Magazine

The Last Major Civil War Reenactment | Smithsonian

Soldiers in blue and grey fight at Appomattox to mark the 150th anniversary