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Writing a book on ladies + bodies, to be published by Beacon Press. Nonfiction/poetry @TheAtlantic @Guardian @Smithsonianmag @PsychToday @RattleMag @BLReview. Co-creator @stopandfrisk project.

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Book Review: Rescuing Julia Twice: A Mother's Tale of Russian Adoption ...

A rescue of sorts. A swooping in, a saving.

But that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to frame the whole story that way.

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Book Review

Rosenberg et al. give us a few sparkling passages, yes. But unlike Superman himself, they don’t quite crush coal into diamonds.

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Book Review

It’s an appealing framework, what Bernstein presents. And although his cartoonish book cover — a garlic-wreathed woman repels two fanged coworkers — may seem far from academic, Bernstein’s ideas come straight from the DSM.


How Do You Grab a Naked Lady?

Before they fell out of vogue, roughly 40,000 lobotomies took place in the United States. “Took place” being a rather passive, arm’s-length way of saying that, on 40,000 separate occasions, a person with an advanced medical degree decided to slice......

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Ride of Your Life: A Coast-to-Coast Guide to Finding Inner Peace

Cheese-less-ness: That rare quality to look for when you come across a memoir-based self-help book. Not something sodden with exclamation points, or empty metaphors, or cringe-inducing levels of wistfulness, but a book that’s both interesting and useful. To......