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Michele Lent Hirsch

Essays, journalism, poetry

Writing a book on ladies + bodies, to be published by Beacon Press. Nonfiction/poetry @TheAtlantic @Guardian @Smithsonianmag @PsychToday @RattleMag @BLReview. Co-creator @stopandfrisk project.

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New Voices

Rice, Beans, and Manischewitz | New Voices

The Secret Haitian History of America’s Favorite Kiddush Wine
Ah, Manischewitz Concord Grape, that most kosher of wines. The dark purple, sickly sweet Passover staple is not among Judaism’s proudest c...

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New Voices

When a Book Calls Itself “Cool,” You Know it’s Gonna be Lame

As Philip Roth writes in his 1963 essay Writing About Jews, “The cry, ‘Watch out for the goyim!’ at times seems more the expression of an unconscious wish than of a warning: Oh that they were out there, so that we could be together in here!” As a vehicle for Klug’s continuity project, Cool Jew proves neither side-splitting nor effective.