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Michele Lent Hirsch

Essays, journalism, poetry

Writing a book on ladies + bodies, to be published by Beacon Press. Nonfiction/poetry @TheAtlantic @Guardian @Smithsonianmag @PsychToday @RattleMag @BLReview. Co-creator @stopandfrisk project.

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Chopping celery article
Natural Health

Meditate — Without Meditating

Can you help your cells and your mind just by chopping vegetables? Scientists say yes.

Open uri20140108 18356 umzt2u article
Natural Health

Sweat Check

The behavioral economics of health: When you want to get in shape, earning money for a goal can motivate you — as can the threat of forking over greenbacks when you neglect a healthy routine.

Shutterstock 172675139%281%29 article
Natural Health

The Secret to Feeling Centered

The Secret to Feeling Centered. No time to meditate? Weave a practice into your workday. by Michele Lent Hirsch. The Secret to Feeling Centered. courtesy of ......

Truth about bamboo article
Natural Health

The Truth About Bamboo Clothing

by Michele Lent Hirsch. The Truth About Bamboo Clothing. Getty Images. You step into your favorite clothing store—the one that sends your stomach into guilty  ......